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“Healing the scars of progress”

for more than 40 years


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Erosion Control Co Ltd was the first hydroseeding company established in Auckland area. Hydroseeding is a major part of our business and has been since 1975. With over 35 years experience we are the most knowledgeable hydroseeding company in New Zealand.
Hydroseeding is the general term used to describe the method of spraying a mixture of seed, fertiliser and mulch onto bare ground. Hydroseeding can be done on any ground surface where vegetation will grow, providing a great system for stabilizing bare areas without the need to prepare the soil as with conventional grassing methods.

 Hydromulch products vary but most are made from ground wood fibre product or waste paper products. Both have their place, though wood fibre is more expensive due to the fact that it is imported.  All of Erosion Controls' Hydroseeders are custom built with the ability to pulp recycled newsprint.  Not only does this system continually outperform other commercially available mulches but it maintains our philosphy of sustainability and giving back to the planet.

There are also many different types of additives that can be used to alter the characteristics of the hydro seed mix. At Erosion Control Co we always tailor mix our hydroseed to best suit the specific job, client requirements and climatic conditions.
Liquid soil and hydrohay are examples of the innovative use of different products that enable us to change the characteristics of hydro seeding. In extreme conditions we often straw mulch over the hydroseeded areas to insulate the seed in colder times and assist with moisture retention in warmer periods.

Optimum times for commercial hydroseeding are through Spring and Autumn where a combination of warmth and moisture result in rapid grass establishment.  During the colder months we can introduce winter active seed species and hydroseeding in summer achieves outstanding results when combined with irrigation.