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MSE Walls

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Erosion Control Co. Ltd’s Sock Wall System is designed to replace traditional retaining applications such as Gabions, Timber and Block Walls with a structurally sound "green solution". The combination of Erosion Control Co Ltd’s Double Skin Compost Sock and a series of Geogrid wraps provides an aesthetic, practical and cost effective solution for a range of applications such as slip repairs and streambank restoration. Socks can be impregnated with seed prior to installation or subsequent planting or Hydroseeding can take place as part of the revegetation process.

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Sock walls allow for flexibility with design parameters and the ability to follow the contours of a landscape and can be easily integrated with outfalls and other structures. Erosion Control Co’s Sock Wall System can be designed and installed for approximately half the cost of an equivalent gabion structure. Maintaining a ‘Green’ theme we use our Straw Wattles for sediment control throughout the course of the project which can removed at a later stage with no further ground disturbance once vegetation is fully established.