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The Vetiver System

Vetiver System

Vetiver (Chrosopogon Zianioides) is a tough, natural non-invasive plant with a deep-penetrating fibrous root    structure growing up to 5 metres deep in virtually all soil types with minimal care.  Vetiver is installed as the      natural solution in over 100 countries for a diverse range of applications including slope stabilisation,  erosion prevention and water treatment.  The Vetiver hedge grows to 1m high comprising of upright, rigid dense foliage slowing water runoff preventing surface erosion.  Below the ground the extensive root structures provide structural integrity to reduce the risk of slipping.
“Following the recommended planting instructions, my clients are amazed at how effectively the Vetiver System holds newly formed driveway in a short time. Even without rain, the  Vetiver has achieved excellent growth”
- Richard Campbell—P.C. Excavators, Coromandel
“Hundreds of Vetiver were planted directly into hard clay soils that could have required man-made retaining walls at a huge cost.  The plants are thriving, making our driveway and coastal land not only secure, but green!”
-V & R Owen, The Bay of Islands