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The Floc Box™

Erosion Control’s Floc Box is designed to replicate the exact principals of the GD05 rainfall activated shed to chemically dose sediment retention ponds.  Weighing in at just 45kg prior to the addition of chemical, the Floc Box is easy to position and move around your site as and when required. The Floc Box units are available in 75, 200 and 400 L sizes and are able to service sites from as small as 0.3 ha up to 5 ha allowing flexibility and tailored options for your site. The inclusion of a polycarbonate displacement sheet allows for simple setup and adjustment of catchment tray area.  A series of pre-set header tank holes and caps allow for easy locating and alteration of the low flow, high flow drains and free board.  Further innovations have allowed for system replenishment with an access bung for rainwater removal and chemical recharge with 18 mm hose fittings, eradicating the risk of unwanted spills.  With the catchment tray and header tank of the 75 and 200 L units sitting below 1.2 m high, maintenance, routine checks and alterations become the simplest of tasks.

Erosion Control can fully set up and implement your Floc Box according to your chemical treatment management plan. Don't have one of those or need to determine the correct dose rate? We do that to! This makes us a "one stop shop" for all your flocculation requirements offering ongoing support and advice for the lifetime of your project. We will also fully train customers in the operation, maintenance and reporting of the Floc Box or, if preferred, we can manage the system allowing you to focus on your project.
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The Floc Box won the 2016 IECA award for Excellence in Innovation, Contribution and Education to the Sediment and Erosion Control Industry.
Floc Box