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Straw Mulching as an erosion control tool was first introduced to the New Zealand market by our company approximately 15 years ago. It is now the most widespread and effective form of erosion control is the most cost effective means of stabilizing large areas of open ground as a result of earthworks.                                                                                                                                        

Strawmulching works by spreading an even distribution of hay over open ground and exposed ground. The hay reduces the rain-drop impact, slows down water movement over the area much as a layer of grass or vegetation would.  This allows more water to penetrate the ground reducing sheet flow and the associated silt migration. Tests have shown that sediment run off is reduced by in excess of 80% on mulched areas as opposed to open ground.

All our mulching is completed to TP90 standards at 6,000kg per Ha which equates roughly to 20 large round bales per Ha.  As a rule when you are standing on a hay or straw mulched area at least 95% of the ground below should be concealed by a cover of hay.  In areas of high wind we can tackify the hay to ensure is stays in situ during the stabilisation period. 

We have custom made track mounted machines capable of getting into very difficult locations. All of our machines have metered seed and fertilizer spreading facilities; another innovative idea by Erosion Control Co ltd. 

We are able to use straw mulching to greatly improve the results achieved from our other services Tractor-Grassing and hydroseeding. This is because the straw creates a micro climate, retaining both moisture and providing shelter protecting the seed from full sunlight in the summer. In winter the straw blanket helps keep the ground surface warn and protects the germinating seeds from frosts and bird predation.